Whether you need a basic replacement bellhousing, SFI-approved bellhousing, or something for a custom driveline or engine swap, Summit Racing has you covered. We offer a huge selection of top-brand bellhousings for both manual and automatic transmissions.


SFI-Approved: Yes Safety Rating: SFI 30.1 Block Plate Included: No Bellhousing Type: Auto Clutch Fork Included: N/A Small block Ford bellhousing for the Reid Racing 2 piece Superglide and Super Hydra 400 cases fits 1966 and later 289-302-351C-351W-5.0L and 5.8L engines.

unique bellhousing is cast from a high strength aluminum alloy and is SFI 30.1 certified. What makes this bellhousing so unique is that it is part of the Performance Automatic Pro Fit System. This bellhousing is CNC machined to accept the 157 or 164 tooth … Lakewood Pontiac Blow-Proof SFI Approved Bellhousing LAK-15100 (0) Reviews: Write first review Description: S.F.I. 6.1 Certified 6.45 In Deep Fits 1964 To 1977 Olds 330 To 455 Fits 1964 To 1981 Pontiac 326 To 455 CID 11 In Clutch Fits Muncie BW-T10 And … Quick Time, the undisputed leader in bellhousing technology, was founded by former race car driver Ross McCombs. Born from a need for stronger bellhousings to withstand the rigors of dirt track racing, McCombs began making his own and the rest is history. Bellhousing, QuickTime, Mopar 383/400/426/440 to Muncie, SFI 6.1 Built from high grade steel - Work hardens to over 80,000 PSI strength. Over 2 times the strength of any other steel bellhousing.

Sfi bellhousing

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ALUMINUM SFI BELLHOUSING - McLeods new Spun Aluminum SFI 6.1 Approved Bellhousing proves once again that McLeod is the leader in producing state of the art driveline products. Using a spun aluminum/cnc machining process, McLeod is able to produce an extremely accurate bellhousing that is lightweight and compact in size. You will however have to measure and cut the clutch fork opening into the bellhousing yourself. As this bellhousing is designed for street use, it is not SFI rated. We highly recommend an SFI certified bellhousing for any motorsports use. Manual Transmission Fans Rejoice Quick Time Bellhousing RM-6056 Ford 390/427FE to Ford T/5, TKO500/600 SFI 6.1 Built from high-grade steel – Work hardens to over 80,000 PSI strength.

2020-10-02 Chevrolet bellhousing for the Reid Racing 2 piece Superglide and Super Hydra 400 cases fits all 90 degree V8's (including early and late LS motors) and 4.3 V6. Cast from high-strength aluminum and heat treated for additional toughness, the bellhousing passes the stringent SFI 30.1 certification and is approved with no external shields required. JW Ultra Bell SFI Bellhousing. The Ultra-bell is also great when used as a transmission adapter to adapt numerous transmission and engine combinations together, in a simple easy to install package.

bellhousing only, the fillet place may be retained to the cover with a minimum of two (2) .250 inch diameter rivets of the same material as the cover. SFI Specification 6.3 Page 5 Effective : August 26, 2016

- Prices shown are for the bellhousing only. The SFI 6.2 and 6.3 bellhousings are required by NTPA rules and must be used. The SFI containment specifications require the use of 7 bolts in the upper half of the bellhousing and 8 bolts in the lower half.

The bellhousing and case both remained intact. Shields and blankets also provide similar protection. BTE strongly recommends using some sort of SFI approved safety system in any racing driveline.

Sfi bellhousing

When I first started testing a T56 magnum I used an Australian made aluminum bellhousing.

specification. Lakewood 15020 Safety Bellhousing, Danko Handmade Pottery Cute and Tiny Handmade Teapot Pottery Tea Pot for  along with the original left hand drive bellhousing that Wiet bought. Utvärdering SFI, ht -13 Biblioteksbesöken 3% Ej svarat 3% 26% 68%  ENGINE.
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Sfi bellhousing

This lightweight bellhousing is the perfect replacement component for your Ford C4 5-7/8" bellhousing and is a simple bolt-up in the The bellhousing and case both remained intact.

6.1 Bellhousing is designed for circle track, strip or street application.
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SFI spec 4.1 - 30.1. Nållagrad planet support och yoke support. Bellhousing till GM, Ford och Mopar.